Being a wood based material, WallMark plywood has the ability to accommodate the occasional short-term overload; up to twice the design load. The cross laminated construction of plywood ensures that plywood sheets remain relatively stable under changes of temperature and moisture. This is especially important in flooring and formwork construction where moisture exposure is very likely. Thus with high strength and stiffness to weight ratios, plywood is very cost effective to use in structural applications such as flooring, shearwalls, formwork and webbed beams.

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710 Platinum

Designed to protect your interiors against corrosive agents and harsh weather, Wallmark Platinum presents calibrated plywood that comes with a 100% composed core. This BWP plywood is made from selected hardwood species and meets all technical parameters of Marine Ply.

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710 Diamond

Wallmark diamond 710 is manufactured with atmost care under the supervision of technical experts with well selected core and face veneers. These are bonded with phenol formaldehyde bwp grade resin under highly controlled temperature and pressure. We use Quadra pressing technology to ensure best quality of the plywood.

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303 Gold

Wallmark gold 303 is available in both boiling water resistant (BWR) grade and moisture resistant (MR) grade. BWR plywood is Bonded with Melamine formaldehyde synthetic resin. While the BWR grade plywood is bonded with fortified Melamine formaldehyde synthetic resin as per standard of IS:303 under the controlled temperature and pressure with perfect timings to obtain superior bonding.

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303 Silver

The Wallmark silver plywood precisely are rubbed and polished to give the proper and elegant look to the product and it is fabricated to meet the international quality standards. It is commonly used for meeting those furniture requirements in the home, where the plywood is likely to get exposure to water. For Kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture. So it is available in to grades are MR and BWR grade.

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303 Ruby

WallMark 303 Ruby is also available in both BWR and MR grades. BWR grade is a robust product pressed at very high pressure using PF synthetic resin to ensure stability. It is waterproof which is an advantage for any external or interior application where water is the cause for worry. The whole range of spotless and shiny ply is the consequence of Special two stage pure phenol formaldehyde resin that enables it to resist 108 hours of boiling test. CCB solution treatment protects it from any insect attack.

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Shuttering 303 & MR

WallMark Plyboards offers a high quality Concrete Shuttering Plywood. It is a multi functional product, which can be used in construction industry for buildings, bridges, heavy industry and structures etc. Concrete Shuttering Plywood, compression is about 60% more as compared to ordinary Film Face Shuttering plywood available in market. Extra compression leads to better nailing and screw holding properties. Its load bearing capacity is also enhanced due to extra compression. It is manufactured by selecting quality veneers impregnated with modified RPF resin for longer life and better performance in all applications. Impregnation of resin in veneers is more than 30% to the weight of veneers.

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Block Boards

Wallmark Laminate is the top-notch Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Block Board in India. We are mastered in the arts of making Block Board. Our professionals structured the block boards which are a perfect fit for interior and exterior purpose. We offer the product is going through various quality tests. Thus we provide a world-class product to our respected clients.Block board is a kind of engineered wood which is now in trend and used for making furniture in place of plywood. Block Board is made of softwood strips between two layers of wood veneer.