WallMark Veneers is an evergreen collection of Wood. It has the largest range of exotic species in India, which are handpicked from different countries. Every decorative veneer sheet has been intricately manufactured to ensure the highest quality standards. The Veneers are inspired by Nature's palette of stunning designs, textures and patterns. Come experience the luxuriousness of WallMark veneer sheets!

Leading decorative plywoods to produce veneers making use of both finished as well as unfinished woods. With veneers in place, you can achieve a superfine appearance of the wood grain. Veneers are considered to be the best. You can always give a plush or classy look to your furniture using WallMark veneer. Today it is one of the most popular and effective decorative laminates available.

Veneers have multiple advantages and uses. But the most common form of veneer is commercial face veneer or decorative veneer, which can give any surface a perfect finish and look.

Veneer adds to the quality of the finished product. The quality of finish or look as well as the durability increases. The finest quality logs are sent to the companies that produce veneer. That is also one reason why the quality is so good.

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Wood Veneer

The wood veneers area unit is sturdy and resilient. The advantage of wood veneer is that you just will use the edges. But, after you end the veneer by sharpening, you’d notice that the wood cells have remodeled to grant a lovely look. The sole disadvantage is that you just will use it just for flat surfaces as a result of efforts don’t seem to be created to match the wood grains within the producing method.

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Backed Veneers

These area unit veneers that associate with incorporated extra material that may serve to supply strength and suppleness to the veneer. This is often an upscale kind of veneer. This veneer will be used for sickle-shaped surfaces with ease.

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Rotary-Cut Veneer

It gets its name from the method accustomed to manufacture it. This is often an inexpensive sort of wood veneer that’s obtained by spinning a go online shaper. The cutter slices the log into skinny sheets because the shaper turns.

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Shop- Sawn Veneer

This refers to wood veneers that are unit being made by the woodworkers manually. This veneer would sometimes be thicker than the opposite veneers. The veneer is sawn employing a band saw or a mechanized saw. However, the disadvantage is that they cannot be used for sickle-shaped surfaces due to the thickness.

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Laminate Veneer

This refers to styles of veneer sheets material that’s evolved by pressing along fine layers of wood. It’s thought about to be the foremost versatile veneer that may be used effectively for a variety of applications.

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Veneer Core Plyboard

It’s slightly different from styles of veneers and is employed primarily for panel construction. It’s a flexible product with bigger dimensional stability and strength. This is applicable for each length and breadthways. The veneer of hardwood is affixed between layers of ply to induce veneer core plyboard that is sometimes thicker than wood veneers.